Sunday, April 10, 2016

Rare Mutation helps Kill Gene that is linked with Diabetes

Can this finding help us cure diabetes?

          Based on recent studies conducted, diabetes can be destroyed by attacking the gene responsible for its occurrence. This study has been conducted on over 150,000 people who are either obese or overweight and saw that this mutation has been helping them attack the gene responsible for diabetes. Scientist have saw this mutation being very effective in the pancreas where insulin is made. This mutation has been attacking this gene just as our immune system attacks symptoms or viruses that link with the flu or common cold.

Does this finding come as a shock to scientist who have been working on this study for year ?

           In addition, most of scientists who have been studying the cure for diabetes have came to realize that this same mutation helping humans from developing diabetes is having an opposite affect on animals. Therefore, when scientist tried to kill the same gene with the mutation in animals it caused diabetes in animals instead of fighting it.

To conclude, scientist have found the mutation attacking ZnT8 gene in the human pancreas. Researchers conducted another test on more than 28,000 people based on weight, age, and history of disease where the mutation was in affect. From the 28,000 patients they saw that the mutation in most of the people had already destroyed the ZnT8 gene, which caused diabetes in the human body.

*Scientist have also realized this gene, ZnT8, is responsible for more than 750 disease, which are removed for those people who don't have this gene anymore because of this intriguing mutation developed within the pancreas. I believe scientist need to continue to search for these clues as it will serve a purpose for them in the near future into curing diabetes. The gene they have found seems to be the first clue and that will be the ground breaking evidence that will solve many mysteries. Diabetes itself may seem harmless but it is slowly killing you because it is slowly taking over every aspect of your body and making you addicted to medications to make you vulnerable to the side affects.

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