Wednesday, April 13, 2016

iPhone Apps and Postpartum Depression

We live in a world of fast evolving technology and endless amounts of information available at our fingertips that can be accessed in seconds. Researches at the University of North Carolina have developed an app to seek out women who suffer from postpartum depression. 

"The goal is to collect about 100,000 DNA samples and compare them with DNA from women who have never experienced depression in hopes of discovering genetic factors that could lead to better prediction, diagnosis and treatment for maternal mental illness." 

Downloading the app will then ask the individual if they would like to join the study and if choosing yes the app will then pose questions about anxiety, panic after child birth to see if whether or not the individual has experienced serious postpartum depression. Women with high scores will then be asked if they would like to submit DNA and they will be mailed a kit to donate their saliva. 

 "it’s possible that you can collect information from tens of thousands of individuals and not find anything.”

Although there may be downsides to this..  I feel like this is the step in the right direction

It just amazes me that science and technology has evolved so much that we are able to develop apps to find certain diseases and assess our health just by using our phones. 

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  1. I find that this app idea is a good effort to show interest in such an important issue in a women's issues that follow through the childbearing and birthing process. However, I wonder how affective or effective will the results of this initiative be. I find the variables at odds with any possible finding. The issues that affect a women before, during, and after birth are so vast and time is another factor; what restrictions or boundaries would be used and which is considered to be the base line or how can one determine the base line of those boundaries. It's an interesting initiative but I am skeptic of the possible results of this study.