Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Genetic Link to Sexual Orientation

Genetic Link to Sexual Orientation
The public's understanding of genetics linked to sexual orientation, can influence the level of stereotypical behavior. These genetic attributions strongly shape perceptions of whether a person's sexual orientation could change which had led to same-sex marriage and other policies to become more widely acceptable in the past decade or so. In the survey found above, adults show the evolution in the last decade of opinions on the origin of sexual orientation and whether a person's orientation can change based on genetics. University of Kansas political science professors Mark Joslyn and Don Haider-Markel examined this data as part of their recent study in Social Science Quarterly.

I find this article to be unnecessary. The fact that there has to be a proven genetic link for people to accept someone’s sexual orientation is outrageous. What does it matter? A genetic link does not have to be shown for your love of your opposite sex partner to be accepted so why does it have to for a same sex partnership? Although this study led to the right of same sex marriage I do not find that it needed to be done. At least now same sex partners can enter a marriage and be seen as legal partners and people have become more accepting of some peoples life choices.

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  1. I believe that genetic doesn't play a role in sexual orientation. This is because most of our views come from the way we have experienced obstacles in our life. I totally agree that the article is unnecessary because it doesn't provide any evidence just assumptions.