Wednesday, April 13, 2016

AquaGen Sees Tilapia As Perfect For Genetics Plan After Brazil Purchase

A Norwegian salmon genetics company, AquaGen, sees tilapia as potentially being a "global commodity source." More than 5 million metric tons of tilapia is produced around the globe. The company thinks that they can industrialize the small-scale tilapia farms that currently exist. This will then produce an "affordable and environmentally friendly" protein market. Since tilapia takes less than a year to mature, it is easy to breed, and is perfect for an application of "selective genetic breeding."

GMOs are very present in today's society. Even though personally I am not 100% for or against them, creating an extremely cheap, easily accessible, environmentally friendly protein source can benefit many developing countries in many ways, although, I will not offer my opinion on whether or not farm-raised fish should be consumed vs. wild-caught fish.

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  1. Its a shame the article focused mostly on the business side of the story, and mentioned little to nothing about the genetic breeding they are trying to do. In the very last sentence they mention how the company, "AquaGen", plans to take on breeding salmon that will be genetically resistant to Salmonoid Rickettsial Septicaemia (SRS), but that's all they said. What I hoped to get more of was what they are trying to bread for in the talopia and the means by which they were doing it. There appears to be a lot about the genetics of Talopia, here is a good resource