Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Rosacea, a common skin disease

 Rosacea is a common skin disease, which is when there is redness and acne-like breakouts around the eyes and nose. As Dr. Richard Odom reports, there is no cure found at the moment for this disease. However, there are medications to limit the outcomes and also it is necessary to avoid triggers. Some of these triggers include, avoiding the sun, stress, extreme hot and cold, alcohol, makeup, and exercise. This disease can be come the genes an individual receive as well as environmental and behavioral factors (as listed before). Some of the medications include, ointments, face creams, and antibiotics taken by mouth. The bacterium that is known to cause it is Baccillus oleronius when one's immune system is overreacting against it. You may be more likely to have this if you are between the ages of 30-50, fair-skinned, and a female. There is another illness that is associated with rosacea called rhinophyma. This illness occurs when the nose's fibrous thickens due to broken blood vessels. 

I find it very interesting that one of the factors to avoid is exercising. As far as I thought, exercise would be a good thing for your skin and body. I have also noticed that most people who suntan often get red around their cheeks and nose. I wonder if there is anything that associates that to this skin disease since one of the factors is exposing of the sun. I know many people who have redness around the cheeks and nose and they put on the most expensive make-ups. However, mostly it only results in worse conditions.

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