Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Gene Editing Tool 

There was a three-day meeting in Washington with hundreds of scientists and ethicists from twenty different countries to discuss the hot new tool. The new tool is capable of editing the human genetic code to correct any flaw. David Baltimore of the California Institute of Technology said “We could be on the cusp of a new era in human history.” Some of the thoughts are when, if ever, would we want to use gene editing to change human inheritance? A molecular biologist named Jennifer Duodena also mentioned “That really does raise the issue of, how do we use this technology in a responsible fashion.” It’s a fine line of debate, should we use this tool to help with sickness or will it eventually be used for cutting and pasting genes into ideal human traits?

I personally think that they should not allow the use of the genetic editing tool. We are all humans we all make mistakes, by correcting our flaws or sickness we’d be all the same. Its great to have diversity good or bad. Without the bad we can not appreciate how fortunate we are to be healthy. I say we leave it up to mother earth to pick and choose which genes are our true match.

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