Sunday, November 15, 2015

Versatile DNA Found in a Liver Tumor

In a recent study, researchers observed a liver tumor, slightly more than 1 inch diameter. using rigorous genetic sequencing techniques. This tumor contained "more than 100 million distinct mutations within the coding regions of its jeans. That's thousands of times more than what scientists expected." The scientists concluded from these results that even the smallest of tumors can contain extreme genetic diversity, causing even the minority of cells to survive after aggressive treatment methods (chemotherapy and radiation). The cells multiply at such rapid rates, the more genetic diversity within tumors, the harder it is to kill the mutated cells entirely.

For years scientists have been studying cancer and how to treat it, but as cancer becomes more prevalent over time, there must be answers within human genes that can help stop cancer from growing. It is important this research is continued to find ways to slow down the process of cell multiplication and eventually stop cancer from forming all together. It is also fascinating how much genetic diversity is bundled into a single, small tumor. There is so much genetics to be studied within one tumor, more researchers should be studying all types of tumors to find more solutions in cancer treatment. It is also crucial for people to get annually screened for liver cancer considering the damage one little tumor can cause.

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  1. This research is very interesting especially if the research continues how it could slow down the process of cell multiplication to stop cancer potentially