Thursday, November 19, 2015

Guinea, Last Nation With Ebola, May Soon Be Declared Free of Virus

           Citizens of Guinea anxiously wait on pins and needles as they loom to expect the declaration that their country is finally Ebola free.  They are the last nation still suffering from the virus.  They have to wait about 42 days (The amount of time for two incubation periods of the disease to take place) as many people are still being monitored.  The final patient in the world in an active treatment center was a 3-week old girl, Nubia Soumah just recently tested negative twice.

          Nubia will also be the first infant of a mother that had the disease to survive.  The virus has crippled the economy and regular day life of this country, so the citizens of Guinea are waiting patiently so that they can truly start to repair the damage the virus has done.

        What stood out to me in this article was the work done by an organization known as Doctors Without Borders.  Doctors without Borders is a non profit organization that medical assistance to third world countries.  As a biology major it is something truly inspiring to see these doctors going overseas and treating Ebola patients.  I was always amazed by the work that they do.

         Overall with Guinea nearly Ebola free it just shows how advanced our vaccination technology is present day with a disease that was very frightening and now is almost completely gone.

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  1. I remember when ebola was a big topic in the media. It's good to know it's been diminished as you've said in the article that Guinea is the last country with traces of this disease.