Monday, March 4, 2013

Genes Linked to Homosexuality


This New York Times article written by Natalie Angier tells the story of newly found evidence that supports the theory that homosexuality is a gentetic mutation. Researches have pinpointed a region that lays on the X chromosone that is identical in brothers that are homosexual. This was done by collecting their DNA of 44 gay brothers and looking at the tip of their X chromosome. 33 of the brothers had identicical tips. Using linkage mapping researchers were able to look at the X chromosome closly using DNA markers to distinguish between the two brothers. Approximatly 3/4 of the brothers had inherited the identical DNA markers on their Xq28 region of the chromosome. Researchers do admit that they still have a lot of research to do and say homosexuality is too complex to be linked to only one gene. Genetisits hopwe to continue with their research to try and find more answers of homosexuality linked to our genes.

This article also explains the significance the X chromosome in homosexuality


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  1. I'm curious to know what genes are encoded near the centromeres and what relevance it would have to sexuality. Do all people have variations of these genes? That would mean that the potential for homosexuality could be in a vast majority of individuals.