Tuesday, September 24, 2019

There is No Specific Gene for Homosexuality

A huge study was done to determine if there was a gene of sequence of genes that accounted for sexual behavior, specifically the preference of some individuals. The study was done to either prove of disprove that a single gene can alter someone's sexual preference so much that they completely change their preference. In the study, they polled nearly half a million people, becoming one of the largest studies of its time and toppling other past studies. Scientists took the DNA of people and studied the single nucleotide polymorphisms(SNPs) based on their sexual preference and what their history was. This meaning, if they have had all same-sex or all opposite-sex partners in their lifetime. The study found that there is no direct affect from genes to attraction. There may be indirect causes such as alter scent receptors, but nothing that directly correlates to sexual behavior. Out of all the SNPs studied, less than 1% had a direct association with same-sex attraction.
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I agree with the article in the case that it's not just genes that determine attraction. There is obviously some sort of environmental factor that comes into play when determining attraction. This study is important because it shows that attraction is not one straight forward thing that can be simply altered by a gene. Rather it is a complex mechanism within the human body that is influenced by a number of internal and external sources. I think this article carries a lot of weight politically. This can help people to understand that attraction is not so easily explained or manipulated.


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