Wednesday, November 22, 2023

Suicide Genetics

    Suicide happens to be one of the leading causes for death and was the cause of over 48,000 deaths in 2021. From the year 2000 until then suicide rates had gone up 36%, and now new research is identifying gene variants that are associated with the increased risk of attempting suicide. This research of genes had also found connections to physical and mental health issues, chronic pain, ADD/ADHD, lung conditions, and heart disease.  

    The data collected for this came from 22 different populations which had ethnic backgrounds as well and showed that the effect came from different genes and not just one gene influencing risk. When taking genetic suicide attempts and comparing it to over 1,000 other health issues, the researchers found an overlap in mental health conditions and physical health conditions. It was also told that just because you have one of these health factors does not mean that you are at a high risk for suicide; That only containing combinations of genetic predisposition and having other stressors on top of that can increase your risk for a suicide attempt.

    What was identified in the study was gene variants and how they control processes in cells that are related to managing people's stress, repairing their damaged DNA, and also interacting with the immune system. At the end of this research, it was concluded that this data is not the cause, but that new pathways have been found to help in assessing and treating suicide risk. This will result in exploring common biological factors in mental and physical health conditions. 



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