Thursday, November 30, 2023

Mahvash Disease Case Resolved With Liver Transplantation

 Mahvash Disease Case Resolved With Liver Transplantation

By Tara Haelle

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    Mahvash Disease is a rare genetic disorder of glucagon signaling characterized by pancreatic alpha-cell hyperplasia and hyperglucagonemia. This article talks about a 27-year-old woman getting a liver transplant who suffered from Mahvash disease which no treatment has been known to be found. Octreotide was used to decrease the glucagon levels. This showed how her getting a new liver wasn't a simple fix that would get her back to normal. I never heard of Mahvash Disease until reading this article. I felt bad that no cure was offered for this rare condition. I believe scientists haven't gotten to it because they tried to find a cure for major diseases like cancer. Mahvash disease only occurs in four cases per million individuals and only a dozen case reports have been found. This disease is known as an autosomal recessive disease which can occur in both males and females. 

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  1. I found it very interesting that Mahvash Disease is so rare. I had also never heard about it before reading your post. I believe that more people should be made aware about this disease. The woman who received the liver transplant might not have known about her disease. If this was the case, then her liver transplant wasn't very effective. Overall, your post was very insightful because it sheds light on a very rare condition, that can have severe consequences if not addressed.