Wednesday, November 8, 2023

Can your genetic history increase your chances of acne?

    When teenagers go through puberty it is not uncommon for acne to be appear. During these changing times, your body is under a lot of stress and pressure to mature for adulthood. Acne has levels of severity, but when sebaceous glands get clogged and become swollen which can create lesions through the skin is when acne can be considered a disorder. There are not exact causes of acne as everyone is their own individual, but some suggestions are; diet, stress, medications, hormones and even genetics.

    Teenagers that develop acne usually have parents or another family member that had acne as well. Based on a study of adolescent twins approximately 50%-90% of acne was caused by genetic variation. Another important finding from the study showed that up to 47% of at least one twin had acne. It is believed that the G-variant in the MYC region has an influence on acne, breast and prostate cancer.

    There are many studies being conducted in order to define more exact causes of acne. This way there can be preventative measures taken in order to satisfy patients who may develop acne later on. Although everyone is unique to one another, it can be inferred that if acne or skin disorders are common in your family, there is the risk of having it as well. 

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  1. I hope that this research allows for better treatment options for people suffering with acne like myself. Usually, dermatologists recommend changing your diet or applying certain ointments but if there is a genetic factor involved I wonder if treatment options would change. Overall, very interesting article!