Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Can Bats Prevent Other Mammals From Getting Cancer?


Bats could be one of the reasons cancer rates decrease within the human population. Bats are interesting mammals as they can fly and have a long life span, but they also have strong immune systems and rarely develop cancer. In fact, since bats immune systems are greater than others they tend to be a carrier for most diseases as they can withstand infections. During this study researchers sequenced genomes of Jamaican fruit bats and Mesoamerican mustached bats. These bats were then compared to other bat species and other mammals. Researchers found discrete adaptations in 6 DNA repair proteins and 46 cancer suppressing proteins in these bats. Knowing this information can benefit cancer research tremendously. Disease spreading between different species could now be prevented as bats immune systems are further studied. In addition, causes of cancers and the relationship between cancer and immunity can be looked at to help humans and other mammals.

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