Sunday, August 6, 2023

The Study Of MMR Genes And Cancer

 In males prostate cancer has been linked to genetics. It appears that prostate cancer can run in families. There are many genes that are currently being studied in regards to their connection to prostate cancer. The main genes are the following, MMR genes, homologous recombination genes, HOXB13, BRP1, and NSB1. Researchers have found that when exposed to exogenous DNA damaging agents MMR deficient cells are better able to survive compared to MMR proficient cells. This research can be very helpful in prostate cancer research because if an individuals prostate cancer is being caused by MMR genes there may be a way to destroy DNA that does contain MMR genes while allowing DNA that does not contain MMR genes to be unaffected. This could help or totally allow the body to better regulate their cells in those with prostate cancer.

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  1. Very informative article piece of information. I find hard to believe that theirs a intricate link between genetics and prostate cancer in males. Hopefully one day this information could help manage prostate cancer management and therapy.