Sunday, August 6, 2023

Genetic Pathway Specific to Sarcoma Identified

    Sarcomas are rare cancers that may occur within bone, muscle, and even cartilage. It makes up about 20% of cancer diagnoses among those under 20 years old. Sarcoma causing genes have been identified using a genomic map constructed by the researchers at Garvan Institute of Medical Research and UNSW, Sydney. In this study, to identify mesenchymal cancer pathways among cases and controls, they performed whole-genome germline sequencing and found a gene said to be clinically important, as well as a sarcoma specific pathway that was unknown. According to the head of the Genomic Cancer Medicine Laboratory, David Thomas, "These findings fill important gaps in the missing heritability of cancer." Research in sarcoma, specifically on heritable pathways, could better understand the development in this rare mesenchymal cancer and support families with a history of sarcoma through genetic testing for the disease.

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  1. That is an interesting fact that 20% of cancer in people under 20 is sarcoma. I wonder what the percentage is in people older than 20.