Monday, August 7, 2023

EBV's Mechanism Of Altering Genes

Researchers have recently found a link between previous Epstein Barr infection and conditions such cancer and autoimmune disorders. Not much is known as to how Epstein Barr virus causes these conditions but researchers have started investigating its mechanism. Researchers discovered that Epstein Barr virus when reactivated inside the body increases RNA Polymerase activity. This is very important because Epstein Barr virus remains in the body forever and it resides inside B cells. Epstein Barr virus infecting and altering the DNA of B cells can explain the newly discovered link between Epstein Barr virus and Multiple Sclerosis. This is quite interesting because we know that B cells are an important contributor to Multiple Sclerosis. The way the researchers discovered that Epstein Barr Virus increased polymerase activity is by utilizing precision nuclear run and then deep sequencing. 

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