Monday, August 7, 2023

ADHD Heritability In Twins

 It has been long for a long time now that ADHD has a genetic link and runs in families. Since ADHD can often times be inherited one would expect that if there were a pair of twins that both would end up getting ADHD. So researchers wanted to examine the trends of ADHD in twins. The results are quite shocking that in monozygotic, and dizygotic twins the rate of one twin having ADHD when the other one has it is about 74%. In another statistic on the heritability of ADHD in monozygotic, dizygotic, full siblings, maternal and paternal half siblings was about 80%. It is interesting that the rate of heritability was similar for the twins and the other groups. You would expect that the twins would be near 100% in regards to heritability when one has ADHD.,about%2080%25)%20%5B6%5D.


  1. It is interesting how high of a percentage chance there is to inherit ADHD.

  2. Very interesting topic to talk about. I find it hard to believe that genetic linkage can be transferred like that.