Saturday, December 3, 2022

2 Cancer Patients Remained Cancer Free After CAR-T Cell Therapy


Cancer immunologist used an experimental immunotherapy called CAR-T Cell Therapy, on 2 patients in 2010. Patient with the blood cancer, leukemia, had their immune cells genetically engineered which were able to track down the cancer cells and kill them. Both patients remained cancer free for over a decade. Therefore, this treatment is promising for future treatment of cancer. However, the treatment does not work on everyone and can even have some dangerous side effects. Researchers are still studying the mechanism of this treatment in hopes of being able to adjust it so it can treat more people.


This is a very important study for cancer research. Using gene therapy can cure cancer instead of just having remission. It also can help with people not having to use radiation or chemotherapy for treatment which can have serious side effects.

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