Saturday, November 19, 2022

DNA sequencing for Height as a Possible Early Diagnostic Tool

 DNA sequencing for Height as a Possible Early Diagnostic Tool

            An article published on Science daily highlights a genomic study conducted by researchers affiliated with the Queen Mary University of London. The study, which focused on identifying the DNA sequence in the genome, entails strategic information regarding the genomic sequence variation associated with human height.  From the study, researchers pinpointed genomic variants as biological markers to explain height and skeletal growth heritability within millions of research participants. Details pertaining to the study highlight the complexity and significance of the human genome for height in relation to enhancing medical diagnostics and early detection of hereditary diseases such as cystic fibrosis and hypertension.

        With little information to further the study's results, given that previous research pertaining to the genome and skeletal growth potential were under-examined, the study concluded that more research needs to be done. The results of the study also suggest the need for more diversified participants to better comprehend the heritability of height and gene variation among different ethnic populations.

I found this article, overall, very enlightening, as it helped to expand my knowledge in height inheritance in relation to DNA sequencing. I think that more research pertaining to this subject will help aid in the early recognition of diseases and a better understanding of height stunting in children and how height deficiency can be markers for other heritable mutations.  

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