Friday, April 15, 2022

Studies found that chemical compound promotes healthy aging


    A recently discovered chemical compound helped elderly mice with obesity lose fat and weight, add muscle and strength, reduce age-related inflammation and increase physical activity.

    BAM15, a mitochondrial uncoupler, helps to prevent obesity, or age-related muscle loss accompanied by an increase in fat tissue. As people change, muscle mass becomes more of a concern. They become less active, which increases the chances of falls, strokes, heart disease, poor quality of life, and premature death. It is not so much of a concern in young kids because they are still active when they are young, which helps to maintain the muscle mass.

    In this study, mice were tested with the BAM15 supplement, and they were found to have a decrease in weight, yet still an increase in muscle mass and strength. BAM15 works by making the mitochondria less efficient, resulting the mitochondria to burn more energy. This can be useful in helping the aging age better and healthier, for long-lasting lives. 

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  1. I wonder if there are any harmful effects for making mitochondria less efficient. If not this would be a great way to combat age related diseases.