Saturday, April 23, 2022

Research shows that the smaller the scorpion, the deadlier


     A team of scientists at NUI Galway's Ryan Institute analyzed 36 species of scorpions to show that larger scorpions have less potent venoms and really are better in comparison to smaller ones. There was also a correlation with the size of their pinchers: smaller pinchers typically mean more potency. 

    The researchers connected in the study that their venomous sting and their pinchers are used to capture their prey and are used as defense mechanisms. Energy used to make bigger pinchers means less energy is available for its chemical arsenal, resulting in larger scorpions which can use their physical size are less reliant on venoms, while the smaller species have evolved more potent venoms. 

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  1. This is actually very interesting, I did not know small scorpions tend to be more deadlier than normal adult size scorpions. I think this is because, scorpion species with a smaller body size have a narrower Chelae have the higher venom potency, than adult scorpions that can just aim and shoot their nasty sting.

  2. This is something that I have never considered into the aspects of scorpions. I initially thought that all of the venom potency between scorpions were all the same. According to the article “independent of body size, scorpion species with long narrow chelae have higher venom potencies compared to species with more robust chelae.” This is now very surprising on how scorpions use this to survive in the wild and how effectively they could use this deadly weapon.

  3. I've always thought all scorpion's were venomous, but it makes sense that it depends on its body size, especially if your smaller than your prey, which could be a disadvantages, but makes up for it, by being more deadlier, as prey's come near you.