Friday, April 15, 2022

Is Oxford Nanopore Sequencing Ready for Analyzing Complex Microbiomes?

 Avantor Enters Global Distribution Agreement With Oxford Nanopore  Technologies - Contract Pharma

        Lee Kerkhof, a Rutgers University professor has recently done a seminar at Stockton University about the use of Oxford Nanopore MinION. From this seminar, he has made references of the sequencing device and if it is effective. In this article, the main focus was if the Oxford Nanopore MinION is ready to be used for a heavier mechanism. 

    This article shows what has been updated on the new device, for instance the MinION has "... the increase in sequence accuracy from 65 to 96.5% during the last 5 years" (Kerkhof et al. 2021).  This is showing the reader the major changes in the devices has improved the device. The overall conclusion for this mini review is scientists do not know what other research scientists are going to do with such a device in their labs. 

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