Saturday, November 20, 2021

Pig Kidney Transplant



  In an article written in the New York Times, Roni Caryn Rabin writes about a recent special kidney transplant. The kidney transplant was so unique because the kidney came from a genetically engineered pig. The transplant was conducted on a patient that was declared brain dead and an organ donor. Since the patient's organs were no longer viable to donate, the doctors asked the family if they could attempt the pig kidney transplant. The transplant was conducted outside the abdomen due to the restrictions put in place regarding transplants from animal organs. Although the transplant was not peer reviewed or published, the surgery shows great promise for the future of transplants.

    Using animal organs, specifically pigs, has been heavily disputed in the scientific community over the years. It is well known that transplant organs are in high demand, but there is not enough to go to everyone who needs one. The transplant list is what determines who gets the next organs based on the other people waiting for the same organ. Having genetically engineered pigs to allow for organs to be transplanted would allow for more people to have transplant organs that need it. However, many argue that we should not rely on animals to supply us of organs because it is morally wrong and we should solve our own problems by donating organs.,organs%20for%20severely%20ill%20patients. 


  1. Hi Colleen, I like how you wrote about the special kidney transplant in a genetically engineered pig. I can't believe that human organs could donate to animals and have it be successful. I think that more animals would definitely have organs that could be potentially useful to us. However, a lot of testing would be needed for this to occur.

  2. Hi Colleen,

    This was a great post! I did really know much about this topic but it was quite interesting to learn that animal organs can work on humans. The transplant list is very long as a result of thousands of people needing donations. I do think having another human donate their organ is more beneficial. However if it is safe and effective animal organs should be used. Many would think it is morally wrong but if people can eat meat, using the organ of a pig or other animal should not be a problem. I do wonder if the person would be at a greater risk of exposure to infections since it is coming from a live animal and not directly from another human.