Thursday, November 18, 2021

New Study Suggests Heartburn Medications May Improve Gum Disease


Recent studies suggest a link between reduced gum line depth that appeared in those who use heartburn drugs compared to those who do not.  Nearly 50% of populations suffer from some level of periodontitis which is caused by a build up of plaque around the teeth. A study was done to compare the usage of heartburn drugs and those with periodontitis.  Upon testing 1,093 patients, those who used stomach acid reducing drugs, or proton pump inhibitors (PPI), had lower probing depths than those who do not use PPIs.  24% of people in the study had a reduced gum line depth of 6mm compared to a 14% who did not.  27% of people using PPIs had probing depths of 5mm or more and 40% of people not using PPIs did not. Studies show that some side effects of PPIs could be responsible for a reduction in bone loss and a decrease in the severity of gum disease. 

Doctors hope that in the near future, PPIs can be used as an addition to antibiotic treatment plans in hope to lower risks of gum disease in patients. 

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