Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Goldendoodles: Glorified Mutts?

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    Doodle varieties have become the newest craze in the dog breeding world. Goldendoodles, bernadoodles, labradoodles, and so many more are being sold for thousands of dollars as purebred dogs. But are doodles really purebred, or are they just glorified mutts? According to the American Kennel Club (AKC), Goldendoodles are not AKC, and cannot be registered. This is because there is no breed standard for Goldendoodles or any of the doodle varieties, because there is so much variation with breeding. The main reason why Goldendoodles have become so popular is because they have to potential to be hypoallergenic like poodles, while also still possessing the fun personality of a golden retriever. The word "potential" is very important here, though. Because of the amount of variation in breeding, as seen from the diagram above, some Goldendoodles will have more or less poodle or golden retriever in them. This means that some Goldendoodles will still shed, some will have longer wiry hair, and some will have tight curly hair. There are also variations in size, coat color, and behavior. 


  1. So many people get caught up in the purebred world and overlook some of the best dogs out there because they are mixed breed. I think crossing breeds to get the best of both worlds has the potential to make a really stellar dog. I haven't looked into these guys much but I agree with you that they are 100% glorified mutts at the end of the day.

  2. This makes me wonder, with how sick dogs are getting with being overbred to make purebreds, if associations like this will start to consider more mixes.