Sunday, November 21, 2021

Animal Infections May Spread to Humans with an Increase in Deforestation


The loss of forests may increase human to nonhuman primate interactions. These interactions can increase the spread of diseases including COVID-19.  More than half of human pathogens are thought to be zoonotic and are transmitted to humans from animals.  

By looking at forests in Uganda, there is a close proximity between the rural communities and the forests.  This is causing limited distance and for both humans and animals to use the same resources.  Buffer zones have been suggested by authors to minimize these interactions.  This is important to prevent any future pandemics. 

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  1. Deforestation has so many drastic consequences for the environment and for animals living in the forests. Destroying trees would also limit resources for some animals which can be devastating for the ecosystem. I think it is fascinating that the more area we make for ourselves, the more harm we bring to not only to other animals but to ourselves. I hope there can be a way where we can satisfy both humans and respect out surroundings.