Monday, October 11, 2021

Undruggable no more: Research shows promise in drugs that may lead to better cancer treatment.


    A relatively recent study (from the past year) seems to hold merit as a possible solution to so called "undruggable" genes. Several genes regulate the expressions of proteins, which in turn regulate cell mitosis and other health factors of the cells. Some of these genes can fail, leading to irregularity in the cell and eventually cancer. One of the particular genes focused on in this study is p53, which is responsible for regulating cell division and can fail, leading to over replication. Several drugs are being tested with the goal of inhibiting these mutated genes, allowing for other treatments to be utilized in fighting these previously 'impossible-to-drug' conditions. According to the study, at the time these drugs chosen showed promise, as they seemed to have a high rate of success.

I personally hope for this to be as successful as possible, as this would open the doors for other genealogical conditions to be treated in turn. This past year has seemingly become a year of new medical developments, something that makes the future look much brighter.

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