Sunday, July 4, 2021

Genetically Generated Guessing Game

 The age of AI and computer generation has constantly been improving, and as a showcase of some of their latest advancements, scientists used their knowledge and technology to generate this image, solely from the tested DNA from the long-decayed body of the subject. Can you guess who this is?


  1. It’s truly amazing how far technology has advanced. By utilizing DNA to generate images of how influential people from ancient history looked, perhaps we can better picture the past. My guess for the person in the picture is King Tutankhamun.

  2. The research done in these articles is truly fascinating. King Tutankhamun was a great test subject for the geneticists that came to this conclusion. The ailments that commonly exist in inbreeded offspring cannot really be studied on the current generation since there is such a small sample size. Danielle, our advancements in technology truly has come a long way for us to get to this point of obtained information.