Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Twins With Covid Help Scientists Untangle the Disease's Genetic Roots

 Kelly, left, and Kimberly Standard both had Covid-19 last spring, but their experiences differed significantly: Kelly was hospitalized for less than a week while Kimberly spent a month in critical condition.

In this article, identical twins shared many things since birth, from their love of jazz music to the lip gloss the wore. Both twins became sick with Covid last spring. They hadn't been feeling well and had a fever and shortness of breath, so they went to the hospital to check themselves in. Come to find out they had different ways of handling that of Covid-19. One sister was out of the hospital in less than a week, while the other made her way to the ICU. 

Dr. Mishita Goel, who took care of both Standard sisters thought it to be surprising how different medical trajectories were found in that of the twins. She was so amazed she published a case study on the twins' experience with Covid-19 last summer. It is said that both sisters carried extra weight and a history of metabolic conditions as well as asthma and diabetes, which didn't aid when they contracted Covid-19.

The reason for choosing this article was because of the draw from the title of the article. Covid-19 has been a huge topic of conversation for a little over a year. The talk of identical twins having such different reactions to it was also something the main thing that caught my attention.

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  1. It's interesting that they each twin had a different outcome of the diseases.