Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Potential Drugs for Early COVID-19 Treatment Identified

    A recent study involving genetics suggest that drugs that target two proteins, IFNAR2 and ACE2, should be identified through clinical trials. "IFNAR2 is the target for approved drugs often used by patients with relapsing forms of the central nervous system disorder multiple sclerosis" (Veterans Affair Research Communications). The ACE2 therapy was developed before the pandemic to reduce inflammatory response in the patients with severe respiratory disorder.

    Dr. Juan Casas led this study. He stated that the main problem they tried to overcome was this: how can we identify if any existing drugs can be repurposed for managing COVID-19 in its earlier stages. They eventually leaned towards human genetics to identify these drugs. They went about this route because the majority of drugs already target a human protein encoded by a gene. It's possible to use genetic variants within those specific genes to determine its respective protein. They based their studies off of already conducted, large-scale human studies.



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