Thursday, April 29, 2021

Higher Rates of Chronic Pain in Women May be Linked to Genetics

    According to University of Glasgow, women may be at a greater risk of chronic pain due to genetics. To understand why more women suffered from chronic pain compared to men, the researchers conducted a study. The researchers found that chronic pain originates to a large extent in the brain. “They found that all 37 genes in men and all but one of the 31 genes in women were active in the dorsal root ganglion.” The dorsal root ganglion is a cluster of nerves that transmit pain signals from the body to the brain. The researchers believe that this finding will change the way patients are treated for pain. Overall, this finding will help develop novel therapies for this hard-to-treat condition.



  1. This explaines a lot. I sufeere from chronic pains myself especially during the menstral cycle. I would like to see if that could be a reason why.

  2. This was an exciting read! I think it’s terrific that this study considered how women were at greater disposition to chronic pain than men. If there’s a genetic factor causing issues in the dorsal rook ganglion, causing women to be at higher risk of chronic pain, perhaps there are also genetic factors at play regarding symptoms of the menstrual cycle.