Monday, April 5, 2021

Gum from 5,700 years old found and tells story of a Young Danish Woman

Archaeologist found a piece of chewing gum preserved in mud on an island where they were able to determine the individual’s skin, hair, and eye color, pathogenic profile, dental health, diet, and more, from the DNA inside.  With this researchers were able to collect her entire genome as well as other species that were in her mouth.  From this we figured out that she was lactose intolerant, seemed to eat more wild foods than food grown by other people.  She also carried a viral infection that many people have today.  This was a cool article to read because it is like Jurassic Park and how we were able to create a dinosaur from a mosquito that was preserved in amber.

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  1. Gathering a person's entire genome just from a piece of chewing gum is extremely impressive. I would never imagine how chewing gum would provide details on a person's eye color. It's like with Jurassic Park; I thought it was unrealistic how they were able to create dinosaurs using a mosquito. This is quite an interesting topic to write a blog for; you did an amazing job Jacen.