Friday, April 16, 2021

Coiling of DNA in Archea

In the article by Emiliano Rodriguez Mega, It has been found that Single-celled archaea pack all of their DNA into coils similar to that of a slinky. This is very unique as it has never been seen before. This allows these organisms to access their genetic material easier.  Even with these weird shapes, the DNA is able to flow naturally. Luger discovered that archaea can spool their DNA around tiny proteins which are called histones. This is similar to that how the plants and animals bend and fold genomes into nucleosomes. Computer simulations and electron microscopy experiments on the genetic material of Methanothermus fervidus were used to find the structure for archea. An article by Samuel Bowerman Dove into detail as to how experiments ran concluded the slinky-like compartment of DNA in archea. 

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  1. When looking at visual representations of archaea, it is clear why and how they are more similar to eukaryotes than prokaryotes!! Minus of course, the membrane bound organelles of which eukaryotes possess.