Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Three Person Baby Through ProNuclear Transfer


       In this clinical trial Dr. Pavlo Mazur creates a type of "three person baby" through Pro Nuclear Transfer. The reasoning behind this is some peoples embryos have a deficiency in their mitochondrial DNA genes. The defect in these genes result in a loss of energy from the gene which causes a loss or inability of pregnancy. Through Pro Nuclear Transfer Dr. Mazur transfers all the DNA from one embryo except for the Mitochondrial DNA genes into the other embryo. Thus making the other embryo contain all the genes from the original parent. Except for the genes that prevented the original parent from being able to become pregnant. The fertilized embryo is then injected into the women womb who wants to carry the baby. The clinic so far has only had a mild success rate in this procedure, coming mainly from younger women. However this is still a huge step for the medical community. Although it might take a while to clear ethical boards in the Untied States. This particular trial took place in Ukraine. (Stein)

Source: Stein, Rob. “Clinic Claims Success In Making Babies With 3 Parents' DNA.” NPR, NPR, 6 June 2018,  


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