Wednesday, November 25, 2020

IgA Defense Starts in the Gut

 Subject: Immune Defense and Immunoglobulin cell defense 

Article:: ¨Protecting the brain from infection may start with a gut reaction¨ 

In the article, ¨Protecting the brain from infection may start with a gut reaction¨ a study had indicated that immune cells had initially learned to detect pathogens in the gut. The study even further discovered that these immune defense cells are even found in the brain. The brain and spinal cord is encased in three protective layers called meninges that have their own immune cells known as immunoglobulin A. Also known as IgA, it is a kind of antibody in the blood that helps combat pathogens and are found primarily in the respiratory tract, gastrointestinal tract etc. When it comes to the brain IgA is an antibody-producing plasma cell in the leathery meningeal work to protect itself from foreign invaders that want to break through the meningeal layers. Knowing that the gut plays a role in defending the brain of diseases, it is possible that boosting gut bacteria could potentially aid in autoimmune diseases, infections and viruses. Which as shown in mice, gut microbial cells were found in those that had multiple sclerosis. This could be a turning point for many diseases, not just brain ones. If the human body is capable of healing itself from serious illness it is possible that illness like ASL, autoimmune diseases,multiple sclerosis and even alzheimers or dementia could be combated much earlier in a person's life. 

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