Friday, November 13, 2020

Swedish, Finnish, and Russian Wolf Genome All Closely Related

 This article is about the confusion behind the Scandinavian wolf genome in terms of evolution and migration patterns. At Uppsala University a study was conducted using the Y-chromosome of the DNA, the paternal lineages showed that the genome had not been infected by dog genetics and the migration pattern was determined to come from England. The reason this is interesting is due to the migratory patterns of wolves on the specific Scandinavian peninsula. This can provide information into the future with regards to species populations and climate change. With regards to dog genetics and wolf hybridization the article states that if crossbreeds were allowed to reproduce this can jeopardize the integrity of the wolf genome. With comparison to one hundred different dog breeds, the study had shown that the population did not have any implications due to any dog genome. This study will be interesting to see for future populations and understanding the genetics of how climate change will effect migratory patterns and move populations closer and farther apart. Only time will tell with regards to how important this information will be.

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