Saturday, November 7, 2020

Labradores are Dying and It's Because Of Us


    Chocolate labs are more desirable than their black and yellow counterparts. The brown color is caused by the homozygous recessive genotype. This genotype is associated with shorter life spans and predisposition for health issues. Studies done have found that chocolate labs live on average a whole year less than their brown and black siblings. They also have increase of ear and skin infections on top of the typical join issues that labs typically have. Because these dogs are highly sought after, these genes are making the Labradors an unhealthy breed of dog. An article on stated that because these dogs are continuously interbred for their color, they are showing increased risk of genetic health issues due to their limited gene pool. I think that breeding dogs for looks does dogs in general a disservice. Breeding health issues into them is cruel, especially because most dogs are not bred for a specific purpose. Most are just family dogs. I think that people should adopt dogs rather than shop to stop funding breeding like this.,such%20as%20osteoarthritis%20which%20has%20no%20known%20cure


  1. This article is really interesting because there are a bunch of animals, such as the chicken, that have completely lost genetic similarity with the originally domesticated animal, making them an entirely different species. In this case, though, it is deleterious to the species, though it is more desirable to the people. People "designing" dogs like this is basically causing an artificial evolution that is against the common idea of evolution where the more advantageous phenotypes survive.

  2. I never knew about chocolate labs having more health issues than yellow and black labs. I agree that people should go to the shelter and adopt dogs rather than getting specific bred dogs. I do not think designing dogs should be allowed. Also they are more expensive anyway. I truly do not understand the purpose of paying more for a specific dog instead of buying one from the shelter. It also is not right especially because these brown labs are having more health issues.