Thursday, November 26, 2020

How Genetics Influence Hair loss

 The "Balding Gene" Explained

The medical term for this is Androgenetic Alopecia and is the most common cause of hair loss. 

Male Pattern Baldness

This is said to be polygenic, meaning it involves more than one gene. An X-linked gene called the AR gene causes MPB. 80% of people with MPB had a father with it.

Female Pattern Baldness

This usually occurs after menopause and is full fledged around 80 years old

What Causes Balding?

Hormonal changes, alopecia areata, trichotillomania, other medical conditions, certain hairstyles, drugs and supplements, birth control, radiation therapy, stress, nutritional deficiencies. 

How to Slow Hair Loss

Healthy lifestyle habits, topical medications, oral medications, hair transplantation surgery, laser therapy, Platelet-rich plasma injections.


  1. I always wanted to learn about hair loos and why they just start falling in certain age. I think this is really interesting topic to learn about and find out how genes plays its role in all this.

  2. This topic is great. I can relate to it because all my uncles and grandfathers have the same bald spots. I always thought it was in their genes, but did not know how. Very interesting topic.

  3. I feel like as far as genetics goes, MPB and it being and X-linked trait was one of the first things that I had learned. Really interesting to see the statistic with the 80% of people had a father with it, whether or not the numbers are correct it provides a new perspective on it. When comparing a mans hairline they have to consider their mothers lineage and really see where the trait comes from to get an expected hairline for the future. But when you really think about it, just because it is from an x-linked gene you do have to take into account both sides of your mothers family to determine this, and then use this to determine farther down the family tree, and maybe see what hair genes you actually inherited. May be interesting to figure out if you have photos going that far back in your family lineage and some free time.