Sunday, November 22, 2020

First Cloned Przewalski's Horse

In this article, scientists delve into the genetics of cloning. At the San Diego Zoo, scientists were able to clone a Przewalski's horse to help save the endangered species from extinction. To do this, the scientists took cells from a 40-year-old frozen stallion and fused them with an egg from a domestic horse. Once the horse was born, he was gifted the name Kurt; Kurt is the worlds first cloned Przewalski's horse and is a tremendous victory and milestone for reestablishing "genetic variation important for the future of the Przewalski’s horse population", according to Bob Wiese, chief life sciences officer at San Diego Zoo Global. Wiese also mentions that, because of this, Kurt is one of the most genetically important horses of his species. Being able to clone endangered species is a massive achievement but should be gone about carefully. When we are given the option to create and manipulate new species or bring back old ones, things could easily be taken out of hand and go sideways. However, when used for good reason and used safely, the furthering of the genetics of cloning is a huge milestone for science.

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