Thursday, November 5, 2020

Exercise and Genetics: Is the will to workout Hereditary

A lot of these days try out something different to reach to the length of to get their daily aerobic fix. In 2006 research from couple different European countries that looked at exercise patterns in identical twins, twins who share the same genetic make up versus fraternal twins, who are only as genetically similar as regular siblings. Twin studies have for couple years been the go-to method for investigating the questions of how much of any one behavior or trait is determined by genes. For the case of innate motivation to exercise, identical twin studies found a definite role for genes , with exercise tendencies more similar between identical twins than fraternal twins. According to Dr. Angelena Bryan works on the assumptions that genes , physiology, and psychology all word in tandem to push people toward or away from the gym. Gene effect the way different people respond to the physiological changes that exercise cause, like increased heart rate, raised body temperature, and feeling of exertion.

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