Sunday, November 15, 2020

Diet affects gene expressions in dogs


This article, based on a study from the University of Helinski, discovered that certain skin gene expressions were based on diet in dogs. The study had been conducted on a group of 4 dogs that were normal and 4 dogs that were prone or had atopic dermatitis. Atopic dermatitis is a skin disease where an allergic reaction occurs when an animal inhales airborne substances or ingest a substance which they are sensitive. The reaction can cause the animal to either scratch, rub, lick, or etc.. and cause an inflammation or sore presence in the affected areas. The research had shown that the immune defense of dogs whose diet is based on raw food is activated, and reduced the risk of becoming atopic. The expression of these genes also boosted the formation of new blood vessels. From the test group, 8 dogs were RNA sequenced to determine the affects and overall gene expression in determining that there are  deficiencies in the lipid metabolism and keratinocyte proliferation of atopic dogs. The interesting part with regards to the entire study is when in perspective to humans, specifically humans who suffer from atopic dermatitis (such as myself). While there are various treatments, it takes back into perspective with regards to the study is if there is a gene expression in humans based on diet with regards to gene expression. While there are many side affects of the current diets humans do consume on a daily basis, the question arises whether or not there is something in the entirety of the diet with regards to those who suffer from atopic dermatitis that is suppressing gene expression?

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