Friday, November 27, 2020

Coffee or tea? The answer might be in your genes

Ever wonder why you hate coffee, but your roommates drink multiple cups a day? Well, look no further than this post inspired by that exact experience! 

According to a study conducted at Northwestern University, those with a greater genetic predisposition for tasting the bitterness drank more coffee compared to a reduction in coffee drinking when the bitter taste of quinine and propylthiouracil were able to be better perceived. Because of these findings, researchers believe this is an indication that drinking coffee is learned since a bitter taste should usually lead people to think something shouldn't be consumed. Due to the stimulant properties in caffeine, coffee drinkers likely continue their habit of imbibing this bitter liquid. Though I will never understand why people push past the taste or for some reason LIKE it, I will overlook it, but actually, I won't and I will continue to sip on my tea with its lower concentration of bitterness and silently judge you.

So who's team are you on? Coffee or tea?


  1. I am team tea! Coffee is too bitter for me (although I find myself drinking it sometimes!). I never thought of my tea preference occurring due to having a low genetic predisposition for the bitterness. I thought it was just simply a habit; well, I guess not!

  2. This topic is interesting. I am also a tea person. Coffee is too strong for me unless I'm drinking it cold with a bunch of sugar and creamer. I thought I didn't like coffee because of the bitterness as well. Very cool to finally know the real reason why.

  3. I think that this is a very fun and informative post! I personally am team tea, however, if given the chance, I would drink neither. I just do not like the bitterness or the taste that either provide. Maybe I just haven't tried the right type of tea/coffee. My dad enjoys coffee and tea, while my mom only enjoys tea, so I do not think this habit was passed down to me. It might just be an environmental thing, considering I grew up only drinking either water or something sweet, so maybe I just do not like bitter things in the slightest.