Friday, November 27, 2020

Are You At Risk for Heart Disease?


    The disease that is the leading cause of men and women in our country is heart disease. According to the CDC, one person dies from this every 36 seconds and 655,000 people die annually. It is important for one to know the risk factors and ways to keep their chances to suffer one low, and to keep their heart healthy. Some risk factors and ways to minimize the odds are to not smoke, eat healthy, exercise, maintain body weight, and much more. If someone is having insane chest pains that radiate to their extremities or even their jaw, it is important to consult medical services right away. It is better to be safe than sorry.

    Is one at a higher risk to sustain a heart attack or get heart disease based on their genetics? According to studies done, heart disease can be passed down. This is important because if one has a parent or grandparent that suffers from heart disease, they should be extra cautious in making sure their heart is healthy. If a parent have a gene that is more susceptible to cardiovascular disease, there is a chance that it may be passed down. Also, if the gene that is passed down does not contain a risk for heart disease, there is a chance later in life that mutation would occur to victimize the person of this disease.

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