Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Different types Gene-Based Therapies

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I never heard of Gene-Based therapies until I came across this article" Get to know different types of Gene-Based Therapies". This little talks about different types of gene-Based therapies that can be performed. The very first therapy this article talks about is called" Gene replacement therapy". This gives the cells a new, working copy of the missing or non-working gene. This gene is created in the laboratory and then packaged in a delivery vehicle called a vector then vector carries the cells to the nucleus of specific cells. The first time gene replacement therapy has been an area of study in humans was in 1989. It took a couple of years for the first gene replacement therapy to be approved by the food and drug administration for use in people outside of a clinical study. In late 2017, a gene replacement therapy was approved for the first time to treat a rare inherited disease, which causes vision loss. Another element that was mentioned in this article was gene editing. This technique inserts, removes, changes, or replace specific pieces of a person's existing DNA. Car-T cell therapy, this involves changing a person's own immune cells to recognize and fight cancer cells inside the body. 



  1. I really enjoyed this topic! I thought it shows how innovative scientists are getting with genetics. A lot of research and new topics are being learned, resulting in new ways to improve human life. We just keep finding new ways to improve as humans. Of course, gene replacement is still relatively new, but eventually this well help eliminate many genetic diseases.

  2. I totally agree with about eliminating the many genetic disease because gene replacement might help to cure the disease.