Sunday, September 27, 2020

Genetic or immune defects with covid-19

 In "Genetic or immune defects may impair the ability to fight Covid-19," it brings in thinking of some reason of how. Many of the life-threatening cases were people who had genetic or even immune defects that caused them not to be able to fight Covid-19. The organization, Covid Human Genetic Effort, had brought up the fact that there are glitches in the severely ill-patients in type 1 interferon. Type one interferon is a molecule within the immune system that detects infection and stop it from continuing that does the same with viruses. In one, the severely ill patients have a mutation that makes it so they can't create the interferon. In the other, they found that the severely-ill Covid-19 patients had an antibody that connected to the interferon stoping its actions. In both cases,  it causes severe effects on the patient due to genetic/immune defects. 

I believe that there are many ways that the severely ill Covid-19 patients could be in their position though a big one could be the immune defects and genetic effects. The reason I believe this is because the immune system helps fight off anything that can harm us. But if there is a genetic or immune defect, it could not function and let the virus is due to it not being able to fight the virus.

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