Sunday, August 2, 2020

Can’t Sleep? Could be Down to Genetics

    People normally sleep for about 229,961 hours or on average about one third of their lifetime. Although people with sleeping disorders usually sleep less than that compared to the average person. The statistics of people with insomnia are on the rise about one in three people have insomnia this is a 10% increase from many years ago. For a long time doctors have been trying to find cures and prevent this from happening without having an exact cause of why this is happening. In recent research researches have found a genetic link from sleep disorders such as insomnia to physical and psychiatric issues. In this study lead by Murray Stein, DNA was taken from various soldiers. To not only confirm that sleep issues are hereditary but they also are linked to physical and psychiatric issues going on with ones body.


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  1. This is something I have never thought about because to me sleep or lack of is due to Environmental stimuli. It would make sense that sleeping patterns can be related to psychiatric issues or physical health problems. I can defiantly see this being hereditary.