Thursday, July 30, 2020

Why Are Some People More Sensitive than Others? Genes May Tell



    Due to a study on over 2,800 twins scientists have concluded that your genes can actually determine if you are more sensitive towards a subject than someone else would be. Throughout the study they compared identical and fraternal twins and found that there was a 47% difference in sensitivity due to genetics compared to other factors such as environments. Researches also found, “ shared genetic links between sensitivity, neuroticism and extraversion, but not any other traits”. These two traits act in different situations that one puts their body into while some people see more of one trait than the other. They both get linked back to genetics.


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  1. It was very mind blowing to read the article. I was interesting when they mentioned that children are sensitive due to more negative experiences. I'm wondering if there is an specific codon in our genes that can be modified in order to change this habit of being so sensitive. I was very surprised when they mentioned that there is an 47% difference between the two twins.

  2. This article was very informative. Its cool to know that even twins who are known to share many identical traits can vary in sensitivity due to their genes.