Friday, July 31, 2020

Scientists Move Closer to Mapping Entire Human Genome

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    The human genome has been studied tremendously in the recent years. Almost all of it has been mapped an identified but we are still missing hundreds of important DNA sequences. The goal: to map the entirety of the human genome. Scientists have been getting closer and closer to this with their most recent accomplishment; producing a complete DNA sequence of a single human chromosome. This process is similar to reconstructing a jigsaw puzzle without and clues or context on each piece. This time, scientists used a new computer system and started with the X chromosome allowing them to dive into newly uncovered sequences they have not seen before. 


  1. Excellent article, I think this is going to be very beneficial for humanity as it will open more doors in discoveries other sequences for many genetic disorder or even viruses such as COVID.

  2. This was a very interesting article to read. Knowing that gene sequencing has only been around for a few decades shows how quickly science can evolve, especially in recent years with the Human Genome Project. It would be very interesting and beneficial to have an entire genome sequenced, as it may help us make new discoveries about humans and related organisms. Your use of a jigsaw puzzle to compare to this process is very unique and certainly helps with visualization.

  3. This study is amazing and truly shows how far science has come. I am interested to know what the newly uncovered sequences code for. Overall this is exciting to know that the genome is almost complete and that science can start looking at the genome to discover new ways to find solution to genetic diseases or problems.