Monday, July 27, 2020

Genetic mutations help MRSA to become highly resistant to antibiotics

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Have you ever heard your doctor telling you that it is very important to complete the course of your antibiotics even if you are feeling better? MRSA, methicillin-resistant Staphlococcus aureus is a group of Gram-positive bacteria. It is responsible for several different, difficult to treat infections in humans. Scientists have found that MRSA is slowly starting to mutate genetically and becoming more resistant to antibiotics such as penicillin. Antibiotics, such as penicillin and methicillin are finding it more difficult to kill the bacteria. Researchers are starting a new phase in research to understand why and how this is occurring.

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  1. Very interesting article, as an ER Tech, we deal with MRSA patients all the time, in fact some of us in our class has a history of MRSA without even knowing. We also isolate these patients weather they have it or had it. Just like we gown up for COVID patients we do it the same way for MRSA patients even thought MRSA is a contact precaution disease. It is very true about the antibiotic resistant, I always see these patients staying in the hospital for a very long time due to this problem.